About Us

Oscar Air Conditioning has always been a family-owned local business with almost 50 years of experience in the Miami HVAC industry.

Daniel Puig, company president, had his own successful career in the Miami HVAC business before he joined his family at Oscar Air Conditioning. He has now run the company for many years and has made it even more of a success.

His philosophy based on dependability, respectfulness and honesty have been key values that have helped Oscar Air Conditioning reach new heights.

Our overarching philosophy is to treat each client like we would treat our own family members and our neighbors, and we also treat your home as if it was ours. Transparency is at the forefront of every job we do.

Our technicians will take the time to explain any issues with your air conditioner in a language you understand. They will also always provide advice about maintaining your unit so that it keeps you cool as long as possible.

Furthermore, we always strive to provide the best possible solution at a fair price.

The team

Our team is what makes us different

They stay with us for a long time and become family members. But it goes beyond just becoming family members. Their longevity means that they adopt a proven methodology and become experts in their field, which makes them effective and efficient HVAC diagnosticians that always gets them and you to the root of your air conditioning problem.